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At Adapt Concepts – Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer you the best Heating installation in Lafayette and surrounding service areas.

We are more than just a seller of heating equipment – we are your trusted advisor who can help you make the right choice for your specific needs. Our team knows how to deal with the climate challenges of Lafayette and provide you with the most suitable options.

We work with you from the first consultation to the final installation, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with our service. We present you with a variety of options and suggest the best solutions for your goals. At Adapt Concepts, we are proud of our high standards of quality and reliability, making sure that your new heating unit exceeds your expectations.

Trust us for a long-lasting and effective performance, as we aim to enhance the comfort of your space. Choose Adapt Concepts for Heating installation in Lafayette, and let us take care of your comfort and well-being.

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Why Adapt Concepts - Air Conditioning & Heating is the Right Choice for your Heating Installation Project

Over the years, Adapt Concepts has been able to assemble a team with decades of experience and expertise in the HVAC industry. Our wealth of knowledge allows us to deliver top-quality products and services, ensuring an exceptional customer experience. We take immense pride in keeping ourselves abreast of the latest advancements in the industry, enabling us to guide you in making informed decisions about your HVAC system.

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Adapt Concepts - AC & Heating is the leading Daikin Comfort Pro in Lafayette, LA

As a certified Daikin Pro in Lafayette, LA, Adapt Concepts – Air conditioning & Heating is dedicated to delivering superior indoor comfort solutions for your space.  Our team of highly qualified professionals are able to quickly and efficiently address your heating, cooling and ventilation needs. 

As a Daikin Comfort Pro contractor, we uphold the highest standards in customer service, business integrity, and technical expertise.  Our commitment is evident in maintaining an outstanding A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and participating in continuous education to stay adept at installing and servicing Daikin brand products. To maintain our Certified Daikin Comfort Pro status, we consistently deliver our best to every customer, year after year.

Embracing the Daikin Comfort Pro philosophy, we believe that an informed homeowner is the ideal customer. We take the time to understand your unique comfort needs, evaluate the performance of your current indoor comfort system, and thoroughly discuss all available options with you.

As a recognized Daikin Comfort Pro, we have access to one of the most comprehensive lines of indoor comfort products and systems. Being the world’s #1 manufacturer of indoor comfort systems and refrigerants, Daikin provides a full range of comfort solutions, ensuring that we can tailor the perfect solution for your home.

Our commitment to being your long-term provider for all your indoor comfort needs goes above and beyond to ensure your 100% complete satisfaction—so much so that we guarantee it!

Daikin Comfort Pro Promise

Learn more about the Daikin Comfort Promise.

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We specialize in all types of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems including:
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  • Ductless systems
  • Package systems
  • Split systems
Heating Systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric Heat
Product Knowledge

Making the Right Choice for Your Heating Installation in Lafayette

If you live in South Louisiana, you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient heating system for your home. The winters here can be mild, but also unpredictable and sometimes harsh. You want to keep your family comfortable and cozy, but also save money on your energy bills.

Choosing the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your installation is critical for ensuring the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or building.  With so many options and variations out there, it can be absolutely daunting to decide, not only what you want, but want you need to best get you there.

There are many options available, but two of the most common ones are heat pumps and furnaces. Both of these systems can provide adequate heating for your home, but they have different advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and preferences. 

Let us help you to make the most informed decision possible to ensure that you get exactly what you want and that it meets all of your needs. 

Know the Basics

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that transfers heat from one place to another. It works by extracting heat from the outside air, transferring it to a refrigerant, and pumping it to a coil inside your home. A fan then blows air over the coil and distributes it through your ductwork.

A heat pump can also work in reverse, by removing heat from inside your home and releasing it outside. This way, it can cool your home in the summer as well as heat it in the winter.

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is known as a force air heating system that uses fuel or electricity to generate heat. It works by burning fuel (such as natural gas, propane, or oil) or using electric resistance coils to heat up a metal chamber called a heat exchanger. A fan then blows air over the heat exchanger and distributes it through your ductwork.

Unlike a heat pump, a furnace only provides heating for your home, it is a completely separate component from your air conditioner which cools your home.

Our expert team is ready to answer any questions you may have about choosing the optimal HVAC system for your Heating Installation in Lafayette.

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