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One of the biggest problems our offshore and industrial customers face is the environment. In such harsh environments, we have seen customers who have equipment whose useful life was greatly diminished by exposure to these conditions. In response to these issues, Adapt Concepts is now offering a proprietary HVAC corrosion coating that is significantly better than most on the market.  It is a nano ceramic coating that is silicon based, rather than the typical carbon based, and actually creates a chemical bond with the surface.

Features of Our Proprietary HVAC Corrosion Coating:

  • Can up to double the life expectancy of an HVAC unit
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 15%
  • A single treatment will preserve coils and components for the mechanical life of the HVAC unit
  • The entire unit is coated including the inside and outside of the cabinet, tubing and electrical components
  • Withstands the hottest and most corrosive environments including coastal salt-laden air, industrial acid rain, high-alkalinity, chemical attack, UV radiation and abrasion
  • Can be correctly applied in high humidity environments
  • Can be applied in the field on existing units 

If your have any questions, or are tired of loosing your equipment prematurely because your location has these conditions, give our team a call to discuss if you could benefit from protecting your equipment.

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