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Offshore Sanitization

At Adapt Concepts we provide customized offshore sanitization treatments to meet each client’s individual needs.

The treatment of biological contamination or an Infectious Disease Outbreak Management (IDOM), requires a comprehensive approach that considers the type and severity of the contamination and the environmental impact of the treatment methods. It is essential to use appropriate techniques and strategies to effectively eliminate biological contamination and prevent its spread.

We ensure that the correct protocol is followed to confirm contamination removal.

Utilizing a tailored combination of methods, we can help you eliminate and prevent mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors that can be circulated through your work environment and begin affecting the health and productivity of your workforce.

Common Methods of Sanitization

  • Antimicrobial Agents
  • Antibacterial Agents
  • Micro Biocide Mist
  • Air Scrubbers
  • UV Lighting
  • Carbon Filters
Pest Control

Experienced Offshore Extermination Services

Adapt Concepts offers the most effective techniques for pest prevention and extermination in the offshore environment. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the removal and protection from roaches, ants, spiders, mice, and most other pests.

Bed Bug Treatments

In the event that you have a bed bug infestation, it is important to know that they are not just in your bedding; they are living in your furniture and behind cabinets and baseboards. Eliminating an infestation of bed bugs is not an easy process, and will require a customized muti-stage treatment process to ensure that the infestation is eradicated.  Our trained technicians will follow a detailed process that will rid your accommodations of the bugs quickly and efficiently.

exterminator identifying bed bud infestation

If you are currently having a pest or sanitation problem, or just need to get on a routine service schedule, give our team a call and we can create a custom plan for your situation.

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